Michi Tono Sougu CH10 [end]

This series has finally ended! ^^

Strawberry Time Scanlations

Title: Michi Tono Sougu
Author: Koshino
ISBN: 978-4-7997-1255-9

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Download zip: here
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Chapter 10: It’s a date!

This is technically the last chapter in this comical love story, but there is a special chapter at the end of the book… so if this chapter leaves you feeling high and dry a bit, just wait for the special chapter.

Honda finds a pair of panties one day as he’s doing laundry in the company dorm. Turns out it’s his kohai, Shibuya’s. As Honda tries to calm Shibuya down an awkward exchange about men’s underwear ensues and thus begins a series of strange encounters between the two of them.

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