Release o34 + Recruiting and Donations!

New Project! Haha 😀

Golden Shade Scans

aloha minna!! Here I iz again…with a new release (whoa, finally, a consecutive release nice *thumbs up* [caxi fail]) lol, anyway, to those who have sent me emails recently, I apologize for the long wait before I could reply. I had some issues going on RL, and I’ve been busywith this project, so I have had no time to reply, but once I release this, I will be getting to you, so just hold on!

As for this project, I want to thank the staff who did a job well done with this! Also, I’m not sure how to rate this tbqh, like, okay, there’s no sex, but…there’s parts showing a book with sex so…well, it’s just one page, so I’ll probably rate this lover than R18, hahaha. Also, have you guys noticed that it sort of looks like another knb DJ or smth?? Like how Kichiku Encount is…

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